About us  About us
The decision to form a karate Association was taken in 2008, but Vidarbha Karate Association was registered under the Charity office and Government of Maharashtra in the year 2009.

The Certificate of Registration was officially handed over to us on Tuesday 17 February 2009. Our Registration Number is MH 77/09. The Charity office allotted F. No. 24928 Nagpur to secretary Shri VIJAY R GHICHARE on Thursday 14 October 2010.

Our Association is audited every financial year. Karatekas from our Association have participated in state, national and international level competitions , as well as Karate Commonwealth Games and have given excellent performances. and still do, winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals each time.

Every year, our Association organizes, with the help of the Government, Governmental and non- Governmental competitions and camps such as Krida Saptah, summer camps and many non-Governmental camps, and also with the help of Divisional sports officer, Nagpur (DSO) For, instance, a camp was organized jointly with Lokmat Bal Vikas Manch in the summer of 2010, also an open Karate Kata, Competition was organized by DSO Nagpur in December, 2010 and our Association’s first National Inter - school Karate competition was held in 2011.

The sole purpose of creating a website of Vidarbha Karate Association is to popularize Karate as a sport so as to take it to the National Olympic level, so our Karatekas give their best performance in this sport.